[No Root] Pokemon Go Hack Capture Pokemon and Visit Pokestops from your Home

[No Root] Pokemon Go Hack Capture Pokemon and Visit Pokestops from your Home


[No Root] Pokemon Go Hack Capture Pokemon and Visit Pokestops from your Home.
Recently i have posted a very difficult Cheat about pokemon go and that procedure required Root and a long process as well. but today i am sharing this NO ROOT easy method that requires no hard process. Its safe and its good as well. so you can catch every pokemon right from your home and visit all the pokestops easily. well i will attach an instruction video as well so you can get most of it.

Requires Android: 6.0 and Up (Sorry dint notice this before,tested on 3 different android 6.0 devices and its working fine)

1) Download this fakegps application from FAKEGPU DOWNLOAD FORM HERE
2) Install fakegps application
3) Now enable your phones DEVELOPER OPTIONS by going in settings>about phone and tap on BUILD NUMBER repeatedly until your see developer option is now enabled
4) Once developer option is enabled go in there and select MOCK LOCATIONS and select FAKEGPS in mock locations
5) Now open fakeGps application and search your location where you want to search for the pokemons. after that tap on the red location mark and select start GPS SERVICES and then select third option pokemon go.
6) Now fakegps will be minimized and a joystick button will appear. its done now open pokemon go and enjoy it right from your home.

1) I can not collect pokestop rewards and can not capture pokemon?
:- Wait for 1 or 2 hours then try or change your ID with new one then switch back to your original one, your problem will be fixed.

2) I can not find the developer option?
:- well search it on Google with your phones model about how to enable developer option in Bla Bla phone.

3) Well all other instructions are in the Video as well, get it. and share it with your buddies. and do not forget to comment if it works for you.surely it will work for you just follow the damn instructions.

[No Root] Pokemon Go Hack Capture Pokemon and Visit Pokestops from your Home

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