Despicable Me MOD APK Unlimited Money Anti Ban 3.9.0l

Despicable Me MOD APK Unlimited Money Anti Ban 3.9.0l


Despicable Me MOD APK Unlimited Money Anti Ban 3.9.0l Despicable me minion rush updated again, this time update contents based on volcano race. new costumes and many more features. Despicable me is an android endless runner game where you goal is to run as far as possible by avoiding obstacles. this game is similar to all the running games apart from its awesome features and costumes this game is considered one of the best arcade runner on Android. Awesome costumes for minions and different characters to run with. Despicable me mod apk 3.9.0l moded apk with data files offline unlimited banana and gru coins characters unlocked. game is available free but requires inapppurchases in order to survive long and play using your favorite characters. different locations with different power-ups beautiful 3D landscapes to run through you will not see this in any of the runner games. Game offer bunch of IAPs like bananas and gru coins. some special costumes and variety of power-ups to acquire while playing the game. Based on a movie this game itself is a masterpiece.its a new trend coming out since long with popular movies comes with new latest mobile games so that they can promote their movie.gameloft itself took advantage and developed this game for the millions of minion fans.

What’s New: v 3.9.0l
The Minion Games have arrived in the new Despicable Me: Minion Rush update!
– Summer is here and the Minion Beach is filling up with Minions! This location is now available for Minion Races!
– Collect all of the Torches, Dumbbells and Laurel Wreaths during the new Special Mission: Minion Games.
– Get the new Athenian costume for extra Near-Misses.
– Submerge yourself in the new Diving Mini-Game.

What’s In The MOD: RoyalGamer
Free Purchase (Purchase or Upgrade Anything for Free Even if you have 0 Balance)
All The Costumes Unlocked/Can Be Unlocked
You can buy Blueprint items as well (New Feature)

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Credits: RoyalGamer

Version: 3.9.0l



Download Links:

Install APK,Download data files directly from game and play.

Despicable Me MOD APK Unlimited Money Anti Ban 3.9.0l

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