Bulu Monster MOD APK 3.11.5

Bulu Monster MOD APK 3.11.5


Bulu Monster MOD APK 3.11.5 Bulu Monster this is basically a pokeman type game. Its amazingly funny and fun game.why I have never had so much fun playing in I never got into Pokemon I was not a big fan of Pokemon what so ever but this game just oh my god is just so much fun Lake it just has over a really this game I’m speechless for the fund the scheme is like graphically and looks great gameplay is just bond issues they Pokemon you know as you can tell. Bulu Monster MOD APK 3.11.5 with Unlimited Bulu Poinsย  Catch different types of monsters and level up them using playing them. Earn Bulu Points to buy capture traps or auto complete quests. But using MOD APK you will have unlimited bulu points. When you use bulu points those points will increased insread of decreasing. this is a great one those have big games good team to kill time.

Version 3.11.5
Version 3.11.5
– Bug fixes
Version 3.11.4
– Bug fixes
Version 3.11.3
– Bug fixes
Version 3.11.2
– Bug fixes
Version 3.11.1
– New events
– Bug fixes

What’s In The MOD:

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up


Version: 3.11.5


Download Links:

Install APK and play.

Bulu Monster MOD APK 3.11.5

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